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  1. alexblack13
    16-02-2016 00:05 - permalink
    Hello Tony,

    The expected arrival date for the van's arrival with Lowdhams which is march 27th. This suits as I have a hormone injection on the 16th (I think) and always need a day or two to get rid off the sore ass afterwards.

    Question. Would it be practical to fit the rack at your home? Is there room? or shall I arrange a carrier to uplift.

    Also, are there any electrics with the rack? is this a simple DIY plug and play or would I need a meter and soldering kit for eg. Our Tribute was pre wired for trailer use and dead easy to work on lecy wise.

    let me know and we can get wheels turning. Get you paid and maybe arrange uplift the rack. I have a fair workshop up here and it affords decent comfort for working on the rack and it's electrics.

    I think probably the best option but this would need you to pallet it and cover with some cling film stuff or bubble wrap for EG.

    Al' .
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