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Conversation Between thedoc and brillopad
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  1. thedoc
    01-06-2015 10:04 - permalink
    Hi Dennis,

    Andy saw your message, just as well really, 'cos I don't go on the site much at all. We've been out of the limelight a bit this year as we are very tied up with multiple weddings and suchlike at the moment, plus MHF isn't the draw it used to be ..... got too organised and Andy felt very uncomfortable last time we were with MHF and still feels the same. We did call into Hamble for a short while on Saturday to see Jacquie and John for a chat. Only been out in the van a couple of times this year, once to the West Country for a couple of weeks in March and a weekend in Netley (next to Hamble!!), chilly but nice. How are you getting on, is the house coming along to plan? How is Brenda and Tia. We do miss seeing you all. Are you still on same mobile number, I'll give you a call one evening, if you are.

    Best wishes,

    Andy, Kevin & Ted
  2. brillopad
    30-05-2015 21:14 - permalink
    Kev what you up to, ain't heard from you
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