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Conversation Between VS Jeff and scottie
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  1. VS Jeff
    17-08-2015 17:45 - permalink
    VS Jeff
    Also replied to your PM about the flags, more info needed.

  2. VS Jeff
    17-08-2015 17:44 - permalink
    VS Jeff

    I am in contact with George Mays to get these ordered and sent out to him so he can get them to the key people to give out.

  3. scottie
    05-08-2015 20:39 - permalink
    Hi Jeff
    How are we doing with the stickers the rally season will soon be over and still nothing to try and get our members back,next
    is it possible to have an historical list of this years rallies from 1/4/15 till now. is there any way I can get permissions to view them,
    rally group treasurer.
  4. scottie
    19-07-2015 21:39 - permalink
    Hi Jeff
    I sent you a message re or rally group feather flags,they now all have the old M H F logo,are you thinking of supplying replacements for the group.
    Thanks for now
    "scottie "
    rally group treasurer
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