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Conversation Between nicholsong and Gretchibald
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  1. nicholsong
    26-01-2020 19:54 - permalink

    Sorry PM yesterday did not arrive.

    It was only a short message to say I was pleased about the negative result on the stomach cancer and wishing you success for treatment.

    However, today I probably know more about what the surgery will entail, as we went out to dinner with our Doctor and I had a quick conversation with her about what is probably needed. I can now better understand your trepidation, but hope they can sort you out with the surgery.

    I assume you will be waiting for a date for the op, and only hope it is not too far off.

    I am only a bystander on this situation but it kept me awake for some time last night.

    We are both rooting for someone we consider to be a good friend, even after only two face-to-face meetings, but followed by several forum contacts.

    You and family are close in our thoughts and our good wishes follow you.

    As previously I will not openly say anymore than you say publicly.

    Our Love, Geoff and Basia
  2. nicholsong
    15-08-2019 20:36 - permalink
    Hello Alan

    Just a request for a bit of help.

    We are going back to UK on 5th sept to pick up the MH in Kent then shoot fairly quickly down to Provence. We have done the northern part but want to venture further south but not to the coast.

    Which of your years of blogs cover that area please? Then I can read up.

    We haven't booked the Channel ferry yet - waiting on some info, but when we have I will see how our paths might cross with your rough itinerary for a possible meet-up.

    Cheers, Geoff and Basia
  3. Gretchibald
    22-10-2018 20:43 - permalink
    Geoff, Sorry if you've received this message before, tried a few times. I have been unable to post anything for a while now, each time I try the site prompts me to subscribe as a member or pay 12.50 for a lifetime membership , don't understand, thought I am a member . Could you possibly send ADMIN a message on my behalf. Thanks in advance .
  4. nicholsong
    16-01-2018 12:47 - permalink
    Alan have you seen this about Cork-Santander. Would be handy for you for Pyrenees or Spain.

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