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  1. Baron1
    15-05-2015 16:01 - permalink
    Dometic RM 7655 L Fridge not working on 12 volts
    Hello Clive, hope you don't mind me contacting you but I can get no help from Dometic!
    I have an AES fridge that is not cooling on 12 volts, I have checked the D+ signal with the engine running and measuring approx 14.5 volts across the permanent 12 volt connection block but I'm only getting 1.7 volts to the 12 volt heating element connection block. The element is measuring a 1.5 ohm resistance so not open circuit.
    I suspect (and hope!) that I have a faulty relay.
    1. Could this be the problem?
    2. If not any other suggestions?
    Really hope you can help as we are due to go away on a long trip soon and won't be able to manage without the fridge running on 12 volts whilst travelling.
    Many Thanks
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