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Picture Swift Kontiki679
Just exchanged a Bailey 750 for a Swift Kon -Tiki 679 black ! Bigger and hopefully better!! Should be ready for collection at the end of the month.
Cariadgold 4 05-10-2021 19:51
Picture Our Bessie
Bessacarr E789 Tag Axle
Twinwall2 2 30-07-2021 00:59
Picture My Bus
Adele Lawson 1 12-03-2021 12:00
Picture Autocruise Pulse
Here is my Autocruise Pulse
Ian Gall 1 19-01-2021 15:19
Picture Camper
Our camper pics
Alioop 3 19-11-2020 10:47
Picture Handyman VIP
Handyman VIP service all areas throughout Surrey. We work anywhere within the Cranleigh, Guildford and Horsham areas. A one-stop solution for your home improvement jobs,
refurbishment projects and general property maintenance needs.
Handyman VIP 3 10-11-2020 14:13
Picture California Hymer S660
Marty Hawke 1 12-09-2020 23:53
Picture Name/make of the Valve Please
No details on the valve type, make etc. Anyone any knowledge please.
Tom & Winnie 1 08-06-2020 14:55
Picture All our camping vehicles in one album
This is our latest edition a Pilote G742 explorateur Diamond Edition Modell 2012
We purchased this from very good friends in the UK in 2019, and we hope to bring it back to Australia
Because of the Covid 19 pandemic we have not even driven the vehicle. We were supposed to fly to the UK in April but because of border closures had to cancel all our travel. Currently the Vehicle sits in storage awaiting our arrival.

before the Pilote we owned a Hymer B564 wich we acquired in an exchange deal for our American Motorhome with an English Gentleman. We used the Hymer travelling for 6 months a year over a period of 3 Years through Most parts of Europe. The Hymer was a 1999 model and while getting on a bit was probably the most reliable vehicle we ever had. It had sat tv, air suspension, air conditioning, cruise control, oven, motorbike rack, a big fridge and much more. The previous owner was very happy to buy it back from us after we purchased the Pilote.

because we were so happy with the vehicle I Purchased a Hymer B544 in Australia which was a rare find. unfortunatly my wife objected to some more Travelling in Australia because she felt that after 6 month in Europe living in a motorhome she deserves to enjoy our house , her friends and family. We therefore used the Hymer very rarely. At the moment it sits in our driveway awaiting its new owner from Germany who like us is waiting for the pandemic to finish.

In 2014 we decided we like to have a look at the United States and purchased a Trek Motorhome through a privat sale in Florida. This was a complete different Vehicle to what we were used to. It was over 10 meter long, powered by an 8 cylinder Chevrolet motor which used around 26 litres of petrol and was extremely spacious .One of the features I liked was the bed which came down from the ceiling and the large bathroom with a real ceramic toilet. However while it was very comfortable it was mechanically very unreliable and prone to problems.
We used the Trek for 3 years uns travelled through about 30 states and most of the national parks and the big cities. After 3 years we swapped the trek for the Hymer B564 in the Uk.

In 2012 we wanted to see a bit more of Europe and over the internet purchased an Itineo C720 from a Motorhome Dealer in Darlington UK.
While it was a bit risky to purchase a vehicle unseen I had done my research on the vehicle and the Dealership and we were not disappointed . The motorhome was as descipted and served us faithfully for 14 months and on our return to Australia we shipped the vehicle as well und used it for some trips down under before selling it.

After our Retirement in 2006 we wanted to explore Australia and purchased a Land-cruiser and a Kedron off road caravan. This in our opinion was the best combination to see parts of Australia which are not accessible to other modes of transports. Kedron cararavans are highly regarded und are considered to be extremely tuff. We done some very difficult roads and were the Landcruiser went the Kedron followed regardless of how difficult the terrain was.
Some very interesting videos about Kedron Caravans can be found on YouTube searching for the gall boys.

In 1980 We purchased Hippo from the Frankfurt city council, as we planned to drive from Frankfurt to Cape Town. We had a VW Bus before but had mechanical problems and replaced it with this Mercedes 319B
It took us over a year through the Sahara and countries like Zaire and Uganda to reach our destination and even after all the Problems we encountered it was the greatest trip we ever done
rws4711 20 27-04-2020 08:31
Picture My New (to us) Motorhome
our horizon will be expanded since we upgraded from a camper
ronnierome 7 29-01-2020 20:13
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