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We have a Mobilvetta Driver 52 year 2003. Bought this last May and had trouble with wast tank leaking, after two attempts of repair the dealer sent it to proper firm who put it right. Dealer went to put the tank back in and found damp had penetrated right through floor so the bolts holding tank in place at one spot fell through Eight weeks later got van back with all new floor where the damp had penetrated from the side skirts up to the wood work.The time limit was not a problem as went into hospital and now back home and done round trip to Southam where Paul Grundy done complete underseal taking in the side trims where it meets the woodwork a special dose, so hope will not have to have that worry any longer. Bye the way the original dealer Caravantech Hurst Green,did not charge as there was no way they or ourselves could have known about the damp.CT I find to be really good at customer relations as at one time with that faulty tank he sent a fitter round to our house to see whether it could be done .
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