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I've just found the same thing on our 2008 Rapido whilst fitting rear mudflaps. I had a small patch 2" x 2" just behind the wheelarch where the outer (lightweight) 4mm ply had gone soggy. I excavated it away back to the structural timber which dried out quite quickly and then resealed it all, hopefully sealing up the ingress point in the process. I'll have to check again next spring.

Overall the Rapido seems very well sealed all around the bottom corners but it only takes a small gap in the wrong place for a few drips to get in then they are sealed in.

I did paint a thin layer of underseal behind the rear wheels about 18 months ago because the thin (probably breathable) black paint that was covering the ply was getting worn off by water and grit from the tyre. In hindsight I'm wondering if I sealed in the damp myself (although most of it was under the 1" mastic overlap [underlap?]).


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