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Travel Companions Wanted – post here

This thread is aimed at single persons who have their own MH but would appreciate the company of another during their travels.

I have travelled for extended periods extensively in France and Spain for four seasons. The problem has been that the persons I have travelled with have time restrictions and we have had to pre arrange flights for pick up and drop off which imposes constraints ones travel.

This year, following three weeks touring Italy with a friend, I met up with a fellow Motor Homer at Lake Bled and we have toured Slovenia and Croatia for nearly nine weeks now with no pre-set plans. This freedom of travel is what I bought a MH for but I would not have done it on my own. Also having the whole van to myself has added a new dimension. I had been contemplating selling it but this has changed my mind.

We both feel that there must be other single people who would benefit from being able to make contact with each other. I hope this thread could be used to help. I suggest that persons can post with some basic details of when and where they are interested in travelling and any contact can be by PM after.

We feel that two or three persons would be the maximum for this type of travel although meeting up with a group at a predefined spot for a short period would also be possible.
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