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Forced Adaptions

We are in the process of exchanging our Autotrail Chieftain for an AT Comanche. The chieftain was chosen due to us being able to get my wheelchair easily into the rear storage. Access is low with a large door. We are changing to the comanche because this model has an island style bed and I have better/easier access due to changes in my condition. The Comanche also has near the same storage/access for the chair.
We are being told by the supplier that HMRC demand a wheelchair adaption in addition to the D handle and other requirements. This is near 800. Now the chair adaption is a Fiammi bike rack with a wheelchair clamp of some sort high up over the spare wheel. My wife, bless her, is only just over 5 ft and would have great difficulty in reaching. I have requested to speak to the suppliers contact but they said that the contact will not speak to the public.
Has anyone else been told that they HAVE to have the wheelchair adaption to satisfy the HMRC regarding VAT discount. It is a totally useless and a pointless request.

I respectfully request only responses regarding the adaption requirement. I understand there has already been much debate on the VAT discount scheme.

Best regards

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