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I'm sure there must be some confusion here and that the person at the insurance company is mixing up normal parking and storage.
If the vehicle is not stored on your own property i.e. your driveway, most insurers insist it must be in a secure compound or a CASSOA site.

From MHF Insurance booklet, exclusions:-

Cover in respect of fire or theft whilst your motor caravan is in storage, unless
a) your motor caravan is stored at your private address; or
b) Your motor caravan is stored on the private driveway of a close friend or relative, provided that it forms part of their property (subject to acceptance of postcode)
c) your motor caravan is stored in a securely locked and alarmed building; or
d) your motor caravan is stored in a securely fenced and locked storage compound with the following minimum protection; or
i) security lighting
ii) mobile security patrols and/or a resident caretaker or operator of the storage compound whose private dwelling house is immediately adjacent to the sole access point to the storage compound.
e) Your motor caravan is stored at a CASSOA gold facility.

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