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Re: MHF Insurance "warning*

Originally Posted by bulawayolass
I have just been ringing round for quotes for CB as his insurance is up end of this month. MHF l was interested in until they said they DON'T cover wildcamping they will ONLY cover if it is on a secured registered site.

The person l spoke to will speak to the underwriter on monday and let me know then but a heads up and if anyone had come across MHF or any other insurance.

This came up as they would cover me for work but l had to park at a secured site and not "the side of the road" even if l was sleeping in him. I said what happened if l was off touring and pulled over at a nice place to spend the night and was told they only cover secured sites & l wouldn't be covered.

They did seem to swop the words secured and registered so l assume they mean a cc or cl or equiv. site.

I honestly cannot see this being the case, because if it is, as an Insurance Policy for a Motorhome it really is about as much use as a Chocolate Fireguard.

Surely someone has got their wires crossed?
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