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Originally Posted by HeatherChloe
Originally Posted by bulawayolass
I will update everyone on monday as soon as l hear what the reply is on Monday & said if parking was discounted then there would be a deluge of calls and she said oh my goodness was worried. I pointed out the reason we have MH is for the freedom was a nice lady, understood but unable to answer Q hence Monday when the underwriter was in.

With regards shopping if you did not park in london in a recognised (secured) car park you wouldnt be covered nor would you be covered in the sheep field.
My motorhome has been parked in the street in Covent Garden for three weeks without being moved - it most certainly IS covered, because when I took out the insurance I told them that I keep it in the street.

And if I sometimes choose to sleep in it, whilst it is in the street, eg if I have visitors and need the spare bed, then what difference does that make?

Are you with MHF Insurance?
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