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Originally Posted by peribro
Originally Posted by johnthompson
If we park at an uninsurable address while out with the Motorhome would they deme the insurance void? How would we know which post code areas are uninsurable?
There is a distinction between where a vehicle is normally parked (usually someone's home address) and where it may be parked whilst it is away from where it is normally parked. In respect of the former, you are obliged to tell the insurance company when you take out a policy if the normal place of parking / storing / residence changes. As for driving around and parking up, then so long as you are within the territorial limits set out in your policy (probably UK or UK and EU) then you are covered.
As the OP posted if you are within the teritorial limits on the policy, but not parked on a licenced site, then they are saying you would not be insured.

If you park in an unsecured car park (as most are) is your insurance invalid? If you park on a Aire do you invalidate your insurance?

It seems the insurers are able to move the goal posts without informing you until you attempt to make a claim.

This seems to be opening a potential "can of worms".

We can only wait until Monday to find if MHF and Comfort (AVIVA)have imposed conditions that we are unaware of.

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