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I have just heard on Radio 4 (Money Box) today that someone moved into London and informed his insurance of his new address and was told that that post code was uninsurable and that his policy was now invalid. He said his vehicle was parked on the street and it was law that it had to be insured. The insurance replyed, that is was not insured and had not been from the time he moved to the new address and that he should have informed them that he was moving before he did and they would have told him his new address was uninsurable.

Insurance was cancelled without notice and he was charged a £30 cancellation fee. When the program contacted the insurer they agreed to refund the cancellation fee.

He did find another company that would insure him but technically for a period he was left uninsured.

If we park at an uninsurable address while out with the Motorhome would they deme the insurance void? How would we know which post code areas are uninsurable?

If it does not state in the policy document, areas where the insurance does not apply, or that it only covers the vehicle if parked on a licenced site, how are we expected to know.

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