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The certificate thing is correct, but others are spot on Brokers issue cover notes and these can be issued with a Chasis number, just bell them when you know the reg number.

I would just watch the fee's, I was suprised to see that it is £35.00 to make any change on my policy! So you may be charged for a cover note and def add on drivers now not mid term!

I am new to this only had the toy a few weeks, but I went with Comfort was too young! for some insurers and underwritten by AVIVA who as an Insurance Broker (not motorhomes mainly commercial stuff, fleets, garages) I would pay more to be with them over others.

I like the wording, AVIVA have always added in Buisness Use at no real cost which is handy if I can use the Van for Friday Appointments and take a weekend away. Having read the wording only issue I would say is some limitations on the breakdown cover. (RAC) with Comfort is a £2500 limit overseas to recover ( I know RAC paid out over £900 for a Lrover Discover from Scotland to Hereford) so a 4.0T mhome will be much more. Also wording suggests at discretion to provide onward travel i.e driver / car hire etc. This is not really ideal for me as the Wife does not have the licence category to drive our mhome and two little kids so I will take out other cover for our Europe Trip.


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