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Bigholty 05-01-2020 15:10

Solar controller lights are all off
2003 fiat ducato .
Solar Charge Controller LS1024B.
My lad popped into the camper over Christmas to get some of his stuff from holiday out , he left 2 hab lights on , the battery has gone flat. All solar controller lights are off.
Checked battery voltage and it was 6 volts. Start the engine, lights come back on and it's starts charging.
The engine charges the solar battery when running. ( 14.4 volts on battery terminals )
Engine off 12.96 volts
Solar panels producing 12.97 volts.
Over night. Controller gas shut down voltage back to 6 volts...
Over discharged battery. Can they be recovered it is it time for a new battery.
Happy new year.

bognormike 05-01-2020 16:49

are you hooked up at home? you will need to get it charged up to see whether it holds the charge.

powerplus 05-01-2020 17:35

hi ian

it needs a decent charge as running the engine for a little while will not put much into the battery

and then hop will still be hopefully your battery will be ok

if the engine is running the 14.4v is what the alternator is producing


Bigholty 14-01-2020 23:38

Hi Barry, the alternator is putting out just over 14 volts , the hab battery I thought was charged when it was hooked up. But it's not as it has been on mains hook up for over a week...
I'm thinking the battery is goosed ...
Advice on which battery to go for?

raynipper 15-01-2020 07:30

Yes, it does appear the battery has been damaged beyond recovery. Varta Silver worked well for me over many years as big as you can fit.


eurajohn 15-01-2020 07:40

There is probably more controversy regarding battery choice for motorhomes than there is for gassing.

Your choice will most likely come down to price, but should include how you intend to use the van.
There appears to currently be a push towards Lithium but they are horrendously expensive.

Whatever you choose ensure that the system within the van can cope and control your choice, as the various types have different needs for charging.

As a general rule of thumb for the occasional user the most cost effective will be flooded cell lead acid i.e. what most would call "normal battery". There has been advances made for this type recently and batteries such as the Yuasa L36-EFB are a decent choice.

You will I'm sure get many conflicting replies.


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