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SSAFA for me

They look after ex-service men AND their families if any "nasty" happens and we have all sadly seen the results of injuries sustained in the recent conflicts.

Remember the Government doesn't look after them very well at all and Help For Heroes (another favourite of mine) doesnt look after anyone injured before 9-11 (how many of you knew that little gem??)

Yes I have an interest, a son who has done 2 x tours in 'stan with the RAF. On one tour he was on the medivac Chinook as a door gunner for a while. Reckons he will never forget the fantastic dedication he saw from the medics involved and he tirelessly tries to raise the profile of SSAFA, Royal British Legion, Help For Heroes etc.

Trouble is they are ALL worthy causes and they ALL deserve our patronage.

How about supporting the top THREE charities in this poll for 4 months each?????????
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