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I have personal experience in this matter. My life was saved on the 3rd August last year by the Yorkshire Air Ambulance when my motorcycle was in collision with a truck.
My face hit the rear of the truck and I ended up with massive facial injuries.
Without putting anyone off their tea you could look up from below my chin through where my nose was.
When my friends rang up for an ambulance they said they would send out a paramedic to assess me. An off duty policeman took the phone off my friend and told to operator in no uncertain terms to get the Air ambulance. This they did and 7 mins later I was on my way to York.
I believe they carried out a tracheotomy on the road side. They said another 4 mins and I would be dead.
I know some people do not like motorbikes and some may say that if I never rode a motorbike I would not have had the injures I now have but the YAA save lots of lives every year.

If anyone is undecided or that it does not matter who they vote for please vote for the Air Ambulance.

BTW my mother died of cancer a few years ago so cancer research is also close to my heart but they do get a high profile already.

I also think that this voting thing is fate because I have just started signing my emails with the Yorkshire air ampulance signature that you see below.

Thanks for listening and please vote.
(it costs £7200 to operate the YAA for one day.

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