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TM59 27-04-2010 15:12

New Easylifter Hydra Trail
Anyone tried the new hydra lifter from Easylifter. I have heard it is an excellent product.

Any comments would be appreciated.


DTPCHEMICALS 27-04-2010 16:17

It looks a tad expensive.
A trailer is half the price

Dave p

CliveMott 27-04-2010 16:27

Looks well engineered and they cannot keep up with demand for it.


wilse 27-04-2010 17:38

Just ordered one.

Can't tell you much about using it, but from the demo I've had, I was really impressed.

What is frequently talked about on here, is how it copes with bumpy roads and putting excess pressure on the towball.

From talking to Mr Easylifter, the rack actually moves up and down, so the wheel stays in contact with ground.

With the benefit that 80% of the scooter/bike weight is put back to the ground, it's a winner.

Yes you can get cheaper trailers, but this is more like a rack, as it's doesn't have any movement [other than kind of shock absorbing].

I tried to tow a trailer with my truck and I was a complete nightmare with it...

I also think that it will be easier to uses aires with the Hydra as opposed to a trailer.

Finally when you have it on the back of the truck, the 'bottle jack' bit comes off, so you can sling it in the garage, and off you go.

You can secure it from being nicked via a long shank padlock.

Very well thought out.


TM59 27-04-2010 18:48

Easylifter Hydra
Would this now be classified as a trailer for the purpose of booking ferries etc.


K1m 27-04-2010 19:51

I have finally taken delivery of the Hydra-Trail and can confirm that it is very well engineered.

I have not tested it with my motorbike yet as am away but will post a report in a couple of weeks.

For those of you who have ordered one be aware that a certain amount of building is required (the rack ships in 4 packages) and there are no instructions save for the colour brochure with the exploded pictures.

As to whether it is a trailer or a rack I will certainly be classing it (for ferry purposes) as a rack as to my mind a trailer should articulate.


DTPCHEMICALS 27-04-2010 20:06

I wndered if it would be classed as a trailer.If yes son in law cannot use it for his bike due to 3500kg limit on his license.

If it is not classed as a trailer the weight of mh would be over the 3500 kg limit.
He still cannot use it
Push bikes seem to be the answer.

Dvae p

olley 27-04-2010 20:19


Originally Posted by DTPCHEMICALS
I wndered if it would be classed as a trailer.If yes son in law cannot use it for his bike due to 3500kg limit on his license.

Dvae p

Motor vehicles with a MAM of up to 3,500 kg, no more than eight passenger seats, with or without a trailer - weighing no more than 750 kg

If he's got a "B" licence he should be ok. according to the DVLA above


JP 27-04-2010 20:29

Is this another A frame grey area that we can argue about for years to come?
Whatever the result it will have a large impact on who can and can't use one.
If it is a trailer then there are plenty of people who will not be able to use one because of their licence restrictions.
I it is not a trailer then the whole weight of rack and bike will be added on to your MH weight putting most over the weight limit.
I know the manufacturers state that 80% of the weight is not on your MH but put it on a weigh bridge and it's all included in your weight and will put a lot of people over the limit.
I personally think that it is a trailer (but stand to be corrected) so remember no 3rd lane overtakes on the motorway and reduced speed limits etc etc.

CliveMott 27-04-2010 21:05

I think it turns your motorhome into a 5th wheeler!!!

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