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dianneBrewer 21-01-2018 18:15

Hydra Trail Easy Lifter required
Does anyone have an Easy Lifter for sale please

ThePrisoner 21-01-2018 18:25

Any good?

apologies, it’s from the dark side lol

dianneBrewer 21-01-2018 19:16

Thank you but we want the one with the wheels :) What's a scooter lol

Drew 21-01-2018 19:28

1 Attachment(s)
Something like this.

aldra 21-01-2018 20:32

We have the one with wheels

Well with casters
But new it costs well more than a thousand pounds

We bought it for £ 600 , replaced the casters for new ones

And used it on one trip

And it’s for sale, along with a scooter that’s done no miles

Well the original one was stolen and trashed , so we replaced it with a new one

But it’s really not for us

My joints just couldn’t stand it , when we arrived I couldn’t walk

So I say it’s for sale , obviously without the scooter

Although the scooter is for sale too I think

But as yet we haven’t got round to advertising it


Barry has seen it , I’m not great on selling

Pudsey_Bear 22-01-2018 05:13

Name a price, there's a bum for every seat.

crossysrs 24-05-2018 21:05

Did you sell your Easylifter ???
If not could you contact me please..
Many thanks

aldra 25-05-2018 18:33

phill maybe later in the summer

Heís busy now

And needs to check it over

He wonít sell it if itís not perfect

What is perfect ?

I havenít a clue


aldra 25-05-2018 18:44

It will be £600 pounds
What we paid for it , and used it once

But we got new tyres and a spare wheel
For it

But you need to wait on Albert

Or maybe youíll find another


Gaffa22 05-07-2018 15:24

Hi Sandra

Did you sell the Hydra trail ? if not I would be very interested in it

I did try sending you a PM but i don't think it got through as I was waiting for my account to be activated



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