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Charity to consider

Hi, my name is Loraine ( Gasmansgoffa)

I have for the past 3 years done cycles rides to raise funds for three very important charities, " Breast Cancer Care" Jo's Trust (cervical cancer) and "Ovarian Cancer trust.

Over the past 3 years I have cycles over . 5000 miles in England, Egypt and Kenya giving support to each of theres counties as well as our own, helping with cancer care. I and am proud to say, I have been part of a cycle group who have raised £1.6 million, ( how fantastic is that)

I am due to do my last epic cycle over the fantastic country of Cuba.

I hope to do this in 2013 in my 60th year,

If MHF could support my cycle efforts this year, I would be most grateful

If not, I hope some of you will join me on a trip , or first is a trip to Tower of London 26th May, to see the "Ceremony Of The Keys" with your own Beefeater and tour , Supper in the officers mess , No charge is made for the tower, just pay for supper , travel, and donation to my charity fund, £40 per head , 07968950040, west mids.

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