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Well can I be cheeky just once more as we go into Dec --
Could we please have a go at raising the last dregs of charity money for Mesothelioma UK

My news is the Trial hasn't worked and Im going back on the hard Chemo now to try and shrink the Mesothelioma
All my Tumours are back to the original size of when I started 3 years ago.
I was shown each one yesterday in a scan and there are so many of them.

Meso is so unlike other Cancers as the thing that is causing it (The Asbestos Fibers ) never dissolve so the irritation is always there.
I have tried 2 trials but I have no more time to play around.
The only good thing is It hasn't spread out of the Lung so that's a blessing at the moment.
So much money is need for trials and also to raise awareness of the Disease as people still don't understand what Asbestos can do and I have been learning how we still are surrounded by the deadly fibers.
Some of our School children in particular, in the old Schools they are taught in.
Yes Asbestos is a banned substance but only that its not to be used but there is so much that has been used already and is discovered every day.
Thanks xxx
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