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Originally Posted by dikyenfo
Really just get a motorhome as they can be lived in wheras that thing is just useless unless a teenager.
I beg to differ. My parents have had a succession of Romahomes and they love them, particularly the fact that they are hardly bigger than a car and so will fit in car parks.

My mother has limited mobility, so having everything within easy reach is very important, as is driving to somewhere rather than walking or taking public transport.

Neither of them are comfortable driving anything larger.

It'd drive me nuts, but they are in their eighties and until recently would think nothing of heading off across europe for months at a time, living out of it continuously. They've been to just about every corner of western Europe, including as far afield as Norway & Sweden, and down to Croatia & Slovenia. All in a Romahome.

So, each to his or her own.

There are some obvious compromises due to the small size: Tiny cooker & fridge, restricted storage space, you're on top of each other the whole time, little privacy whilst using the loo. can't move from driving seats to lounge without leaving the vehicle and re-entering through the rear door.
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