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Originally Posted by ChrisandJohn
Originally Posted by locovan
Originally Posted by ChrisandJohn
Originally Posted by locovan
Hmmm Chris sorry I think I have been taken wrongly you can give your money to who ever you like and around the world.

I just meant that I love Children in need because it is used here at home on so many really needed charities hence I like the saying Charity begins at home.

We are in terrible times money wise and there is a lot of suffering in the UK we need to help our fellow countrymen now more than ever.
Look at the Give a coat campaigne, how sad is that, people are cold because of the price of fuel and I for one will be turning out my coats to keep some older person warm.

I do feel the governments hide behind our generosity all the time the Macmillan nurses are a prime example of that. They work so hard within the NHS and they are a charity.
Mavis, I don't think I misunderstood you, I was responding to Happyrunner who, by saying 'charity should stay there', meaning 'at home' seems to be meaning that people shouldn't give to overseas charity, even if they also give to UK charities.

Oh Ok-- I read differently-- that as Mike was saying in these hard times the money is needed for our own as well
Governments around the world should take more responsibility for their people though.

However hard our times are there are people elsewhere whose need is perhaps even more desperate. I'm also not sure who 'our own' are. Is it the people in my family? my village? my town? region? country? People of the same religion? culture? people with the same disease or problem?

I accept what the saying 'Charity begins at home' means to you but I feel it is often used to disparage the idea of giving to 'foreign' charities, or as an excuse for not giving at all, meaning 'I'm spending my money all on my family'. My view is it's fine if charity begins at home, and clearly our primary responsibility is to our own family, but it doesn't have to begin and end there.

I'm feeling a bit guilty now for going off the topic of supporting Children in Need, which I totally agree with.

No Chris me and you have had great discussions in the past

I know how wonderful you are with donations to Charity and I thankyou for all you have done this year xx
I dont always word things well do I

I love the Salvation Army campaign at the moment of give a coat as there are so many old people who cant afford now to keep the heating on all day.
To me thats giving to our own
I buy the Big issue as these people are working.
I mean our own Uk citizens my friends and family if they are in need.
But I do help things like the rain Forest and other charities abroad so Im not all bad But Im so worried about things getting bad here now that money has become such an Issue with so many out of work and thats why I like children in need
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