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Originally Posted by sallytrafic
Thanks to all who support this idea .. and to motormouth I go through life with a less jaundiced view. Yes governments of all shades should do more but I would rather trust charities than demand their accounts before contributing.

Thinking about it more can you really want government getting involved more in the decisions about what to spend and where as they certainly would do if it was taxpayers money being used.
I don't think I have a jaundiced view on this. I just believe it is the governments responsibility to care for those who genuinely need it. If they stopped wasting money on things like child benefit given to families who don't need it, to benefit scroungers, to jobless who have no intention of ever getting a job, etc etc, then I am sure there would be enough to look after those kids who desperately need care and support. It just seems to me that regardless of how much money is raised every year by children in need and all the other charities, that not much seems to get any better. I don't know the total, but C.I.N must have raised well over £300 million since it started yet still we see kids in trouble.

And I don't think I said I demanded to see accounts before contributing did I???
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