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Thanks Nuke and I would also like to thank everyone for all their help they have given me when I have been able to do the raffles and also those who ran them when I wasnt there.
The money raised from all the books will carry on through the years and that part has been great fun I never thought I or Ray could ever write a book --but we did.
Im still here which is a marvel and Im in a trial, so many people are backing me and the NHS is wonderful when you need them
I have a lot of work around the world next year to raise awareness mainly DIY now as so many TV shows still have these programs and never mention Asbestos and to mask up.
I have a big conference in Jan to talk to the IAP (Asbestos training) and the HSA with all the unions and of Coarse I back the Mesothelioma UK Conferences

May I say at this point that we still have a few more weeks in which to add to the total so please MHFacts please donate your pennies and lets get to total up a bit more xxxxx
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