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when will you finish so we can donate before the end of our charity year which I assume is Dec31st ??? xxx

Im doing really well on my Drug and Chemo Trial my Chemo is in tablet form and you dont have the sickness or so many side effects and the drug is causing bruising and I had a blood clot but Im doing well.
Mesothelioma Uk gives me so much info and I in turn pass them a lot of info to through my blog.
The are an off shot of Macmillan and they are trying to build up the
Mesothelioma nursing and i have received a Newsletter that says :-

Finally, we are also delighted to announce that we are soon to start part funding our second (my post is the first) Mesothelioma Nursing post in Cambridge. We have plans to support a 3rd post within 6 months and long term, funding dependent, we hope to have a team of 6 Mesothelioma Nurse Specialist posts strategically places across the UK. This will help meet our vision of providing access to expert nursing support, information and education across the UK. Watch this space!
Kind regards
Liz Dawson

So we are playing a very important part raising money for this work and all the other work that Mesothelioma UK do in helping Research and Awareness for the future as so many new cases are being diagnosed now.

So Geoff thanks for all your walking xxxxxxxxxxx
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