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Originally Posted by commuter
Originally Posted by cabby
That is the bit I cannot understand,if all you have to do is pay £50 and exchange one licence for another where is the problem. or have I missed an important fact.

The problem is that Aviva via the MHF site will not accept her German licence as a valid licence as their small print states that all drivers on the policy must have a full valid UK driving licence
Surely that must be challengeable under the EU law on ease of movement and right to live and work in ANY EU country.

How can you "live and work" somewhere (especially the UK with it's abysmal, compared to elsewhere, public transport) if you cannot obtain car insurance?

It may be worth a call to Aviva to ask them when an EU driving licence is not an EU driving licence and why?

How do all the Polish/Portguese/Romanian/Latvian/etc. workers over here get insurance for their English registered cars?
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