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believe it or not back from DVLA

The info from counter service is that she is a resident and is allowed to drive in the UK on an EU issued licence until the age of 70 (he qualified this as "actually pensionable age but that keeps changing")

She can, if she wants to, surrender her German licence to Swansea and simply exchange for a full valid UK licence without taking a test

I am more comfortable now that she is "legal" and all we have to do is find an insurance company to cover her

Does anyone know if MHF have any links to brokers who might do the legwork for me as I'm struggling to get any work done today?

Or can I take a policy from Aviva via MHF for just me as a driver and spend a couple of weeks shopping around and then cancel the policy?

How´s my driving? Call 0800..........AAAAARRGH!!
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