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Urgent(ish) query - making up the bed in a CI 141 - How?


We're off to the New Forest in a few days and I can't work out how to make up the double dinette bed in our new (old) CI Riviera 141

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I can see that the dinette benches have a slide-out mechanism that increases the width of the bed. This then leaves 2 'holes', one above the water tank and one above the storage locker. There are plenty of infill cushions but only one has a board in it (I assume this one goes over one of the holes but what about the other?

Finally, I assume (again) that the table fits on the runners between the benches. However, the end overhangs the runners and looks likely to 'flip up if anyone sits/lies on the edge of the bed. Is there another short table leg (that I don't have) that should be used to support the end of the bed?

Am I missing something obvious?

Many thanks
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