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Originally Posted by bognormike
Thanks for the update Mavis, hope the chemo isn't too debilitating. Viv is currently on her 6th different chemo course (four years on!), thankfully this combination seems to be working well, and doesn't affect her much - so much so that we're off to France in a couple of weeks in between sessions.
We'll keep plugging away as long as we can , and I'm sure you will do the same .
And to everybody who says we'll do this or that, or do a big holiday when we retire, dont wait! You never know what's round the corner
If you read my blog you will know my next door neighbour was found dead while I was in London, he has just got through prostate Cancer and all that treatment got the all clear but the strain was to hard for his heart. Had a Pacemaker fitted Xmas and said a couple of weeks ago that that was playing up so yes do everything you want to do blow the money
So pleased Viv is going on holiday to France Im planning next years holidays now as well
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