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Locovans --News of my Mesothelioma

Well after going to St Barts yesterday and hearing I cant go into the ADAMS trial as my Bi-Op doesnt show the protein yet- Im going into second line Chemo in the next few weeks as my Mr Nasty thinks he can try again.
It isnt all bad news as they are using my Bi-Op for research to help the trial to understand why Im so healthy in myself and have the strength for more Chemo.
Mind you my one kidney has taken a bashing with the last Chemo and is getting into trouble but it has served me well all my life and so I just ask it to keep going through this and I promise to give it lots of fluid to flush it out mainly Pimms as the fruit must be healthy in that.

They took more blood and Urine sample so Im really pleased I can help their research.
Now its back to the Kent & Canterbury for more Chemo which I will start in September.

So a new topic for a new fight and to ask if you would bump up the Charity donations for Mesothelioma UK as I know how much it is needed.
Thanks Mavis xxxx

And wish all the people struggling with cancer good luck as it is a fight we have taken on and we must always fight.
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