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It would be good if you could please speak with the underwriters concerning the acceptance of alarm systems. At present MHF only accept Thatcham approved alarms and trackers.

Every other insurer...well them that I have checked with accept my Motorhome Defender Alarm/Tracker which is installed in a lot of members vans as not being a recognised/approved system.

It is Sold Secure approved and is a fully monitored tracking system which can actually immobilise the vehicle remotely if it has been stolen.

A great system, but due to it being a combined system Thatcham have no way of approving it. It actually offers a higher level of protection than thatcham systems but it does not fall into any of there testing catagories. ie alarm and tracker in same unit.

Can something be done to accept Motorhome Defender as an approved Alarm and Tracker.

The quote I have received is very favourable when I say I have a Thatcham approved system but MHF will not insure if I say it is not Thatcham even if my system provides a higher level of potection.

Appreciate if you could raise this please. You must be loosing business. Other insurers offer great discounts if you have this system installed.

Could be advantages to all concerned


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