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There be some big hills there be!.. My mate blew his Isuzu's jeeps big end on one of them as he was towing the boat back from Spain, I stopped in our car with our boat on the back to help, we were sent on our way by a French guy in a big land rover with a big illuminated sign guiding other motorists around any broken down vehicles..

I tried to set off but the diesel Mondeo estate wouldn't move the hill was so steep, so I had to roll back and jack knife the trailer so I could set off across the road instead of up it, just to get any momentum at all and managed to get going in first gear all the way to the top..

The bridge is a god send at nearly any price.

Just watching a shifty looking geezer in the library searching intently through the 'S' section of the dictionary, he's stopped now.

I think he's up to something. . .. . . ray......
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