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Will the South of France be full??

We are off to the South of France 2 weeks tomorrow. We have the first week down there booked (La Vielle Ferme), we leave there on 13 August with nothing booked after that. I'm suddently getting twitchy and thinking that maybe we should have booked up some more sites because all the aires may be full and the sites may be full. After La Vielle Ferme we plan to go to Aix en Provence for a few days, Avignon for a few days and then down to Aigues Morte for 4/5 days before moving on.
Has anyone got any experience of this area in the middle of August? We both work in a school so we have no choice about our dates. We have tried 2 sites, one said they were full and one said he didn't take bookings.
We would be happy to be on aires but I imagine they will all be full at this time. If I thought we could just turn up to sites and find pitches I would feel happier but I have this nightmare that we are going to get turned away and I won't get to see Aix or Avignon........
If time was not a problem I wouldn't mind so much but when you're on a limited timescale you want to make the most of every day.
Please, please give me the benefit of your wisdom!
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