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as a motorcyclist and police driver my brother, in his opinion believes that nearly every motorcyclist is also a better car driver because of his/her motorcycling experience.
As a motorcyclist myself I tend to support this view. Do you Think Bike, or even Cyclist whilst driving in your box?
Some of the posts here explain why motorhomers, (and I am one too) are though of as selfish drivers. It is in the highway code to pull over and allow faster traffic through A general annoyance in the Highland single lane roads. I have ridden a motorbike in most Euro countries and found the most selfish drivers to be in.... the UK!
Maybe the Euro drivers can remember how fragile they were on their mopeds, and give due respect to 2 wheelers. As can be seen from above posts, jealousy of someone not having to sit in a queue is a sad thing. I have seen UK drivers deliberately close gaps on bikers to stop them from passing. I have also seen a biker kick the wing mirror off a car for doing the same. And countless other examples of crap driving from 4 wheeled idiots. Hi Viz vests? If a 4 wheeler cannot see a bike with headlight on (vast majority of bikers have light on). hi-viz will make no difference.
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