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To all of you who buy online

Some of you might know that our son Laurens is a sea cadet. As the Sea Cadets are a charitable organization and totally rely on donations, we have registered with a website called easyfundraising. This enables us to collect some money at NO extra cost to you.
This is how it work:
You have to register with the website and choose a cause, which in this case would be Sunbury&Walton Sea Cadets T.S. Black Swan. It only needs your email address, a password and the cause that you would be supporting.
Every time you go online to order something, e.g Tesco, Amazon, Eurotunnel, ebay from electrical goods to food, you first go to the easyfundraising site and straight through to the site you want. The site that you are ordering from will make a donation from a % or fixed amount to the cadets. On their front page it will give you discount codes as well. So a winner all around.

You can see how much you have donated to the cadets and how much is raised in total.

I would be very grateful if you could register.

Thank you so much for your help.

Kind regards

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