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Benimar Perseo Heater

Hi Iconnor,

I have now been to the Motorhome and, thanks to your description, I *think* I might have found the living space thermostat.

You say it is a brown dome. Is it about 22mm (7/8 inch) diameter with three slots around it? (If I am right then mine has two wires out of the back.)

If so then it might well not be a faulty thermostat - just that it is located in an absolutely stupid place!

We have a double (island) bed with the water tank and Truma heater under it. To one side of the rounded foot, there is a door with a grille to allow cool return air to the heater fan inlet.

The thermostat (if that is what it is) is above and to one side of the door.

When the heater is running this whole area gets hot and the heat is then retained by the duvet hanging down over the edge of the bed. (The duvet hangs clear of the inlet so still allows return air to enter.) But even when the heater turns off it takes hours for the area around the thermostat to cool down.

I wonder if anyone else has a Perseo 590 (i.e. the island double bed version) and if so, have they had any similar problems?

I wonder if Benimar have relocated the thermostat in later models?

I think I will have to try moving mine to a more sensible place.
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