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Benimar Perseo Heater

Have recently bought a 2007 Benimar Perseo 590.

The interior heater (living end) does not seem to work properly.

It is a Truma heater for water and space heating (ducted hot air).

There is a control switch on which the outer ring has 5 positions:-
water only 60C; water only 40C; Off ; Space heating only; Space Heating + water 40C
And an inner knob that rotates from 1 to 9

According to the Truma Manual there ought to be a temperature sensor somewhere for the Thermostat and there is even a diagram to show what it look like. (Seems to be just a dome shaped thingy.)

But I cannot find it. Any ideas where it is please?

When the heater is first turned on, it seems to take an age (5 to 20 minutes) before the blower for the ducted air speeds up (initially it is just rotating slowly). Is that normal?

Once the temperature reaches the level set on the inner knob, the fan goes off again - as you would expect. BUT IT DOES NOT THEN COME BACK ON AGAIN - not even when the living end has gone back down to very cold. It seems that it is necessary to have the heater OFF for a long time before you can get it to work again.

Advice please?

(The previous owners say they never received a User Manual about all the living bits, so I cannot look in that!)
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