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Thanks Mavis, it sounds like your book is heading for the best sellers lists this year

Just to say to andyone who is worried about making a donation using online banking, your banking details are secure, all that shows up in the charity account is what ever name you elect to use for the payment transfer, so that could be your screen name from MHF or you could use your real name if you wanted to.

I have found that it is just as easy as paypal and the plus side is that there are no fees to either yourself or us when you pay in this way, unlike paypal which are demanding we pay them a percentage of anything paid in by their system. Nuke has been trying to sort this out but so far no luck, so for now we are unable to use the paypal link.

You can also pop into your local bank and pay into the charity account over the counter, again no charges to the account or yourself for doing it this way.

If you wish to make a donation please PM me for the banking information.

here's hoping that 2011 is a great year for raising money for a little known but desperately needed Charity

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