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Originally Posted by Mrplodd
If you have asked the main dealers and they have told you "No it cannot be retro-fitted" why are you asking the question here??

Why do you think the garage said no? They are the experts on this vehicle thats why they are agents!! If it COULD be fitted surely they would leap at the chance of taking a fairly considerable sum of money off you for supplying and fitting it ???

You would be wrong there, I went to our local Vauxhall dealer to see if I could just purchase a stork with cruise control plug in and work. Categorically NO was the answer it cannot be done you have to purchase all sorts of gear and would cost about 500pounds. I just went ahead bought the stork, fitted it and it worked I went back to the dealer to gloat they said you must have had it fitted as we said the other day, they did not believe me so, they don't know all things.

I bought an Opel (Vauxhall) Antara last year and made a point of asking if I could get cruise control retrofitted. They had never been asked before but phoned around and thought it would be possible. A new stalk was ordered and when they were fitting it, the technician asked if I would like the fuel computer enabled at the same time. I jumped at the chance and now have cruise and fuel computer for a total price of around Ģ150. May make a difference who you ask.


It won't be long until a wee while now.
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