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Oooh Flame Wars already.

The nice thing about the Scangauge was that you can calibrate its speed reading by comparison to a Satnav (which *should* know how fast you're travelling, yes?) and calibrate your fuel tank sender by filling it up on the flat, driving it around and filling it up again (preferrably at the same pump at the same garage) and noting how much was used. Then you're good to go.

Yes, I know how to use a calculator. What I miss is the realtime feedback of driving style vs fuel consumption. It's no use driving 500 miles in multiple trips over different terrains and traffic conditions and then working out what your average fuel consumption over all those journeys was (I've done that, and the answer is 28mpg). It'd be nice to know here and now whether easing off the accelerator made a significant difference, or what difference cruising at 70mph vs 65 made.

Re: Renault fitting the trip computer. It wasn't a main dealer - our local one only does cars, so I phoed a local Renault truck garage who said 'no'. However, and I'm sure you've all been in this situation, you come away from the phone call with the distinct impression that the person on the other end of the phone either a) couldn't be bothered to check alternate sources b) didn't want / need the work c) had never heard of it being done so presumed it was impossible.

That's why I chose to bow to the superior knowledge of the folks on here and, indeed, thank you all for your two penn'orth - all of which is much appreciated.

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