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I would say yes it would be possible but you will need the co-operation of a Renault Main agent

Most of these will say no - because they don't know enough about the product or couldn't be bothered to even inquire or try

They may also need access to Renault's tech support if they can't work out what they need to order / fit / configure & will also require access to Renault's computer diagnostic computer that plugs into your van

the bigger the dealer the less likely you will get any help

you need to find a small dealership who will show an interest in your project or even an independent Renault specialist

what you could do is start by visiting a parts department & asking them to show you the hardware that you will need to buy on their parts system computer screen, once armed with all the part numbers you can price it up then with this list try & find someone to fit it

pity its not a Mercedes because there is just such a helpful Commercial dealer in Bridgend South Wales who will try anything on a Sprinter
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