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If you have asked the main dealers and they have told you "No it cannot be retro-fitted" why are you asking the question here??

Why do you think the garage said no? They are the experts on this vehicle thats why they are agents!! If it COULD be fitted surely they would leap at the chance of taking a fairly considerable sum of money off you for supplying and fitting it ???

I find these sort toys to be a bit of a gimic really !! I have a car with one fitted. I played with it for about 2 weeks and then just stopped bothering with it.

I have a device which tells me how much further I can go before re-fuelling, its called a fuel gauge !! I can work out my fuel consumption using good old fashioned maths, and I use the same primitive process (maths) to work out average speed (if I want too that is)

It is most certainly your money to dispose of however you wish and I am not going to say you should not persist in your search, its just that to my mind there are other items I would consider far more important. It is after all, all down to personal choice and we live in a country that embraces that principle.

Good luck with your search, I am sure you WILL find something that will do the job you want.
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