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Hi Mavis,

I'm sorry to say we are still having problems with Paypal, Nuke is trying to get it sorted out but in the meantime anyone who wishes to donate can put the money directly into the bank account either at a bank or by internet or phone banking, PM me for the details. Just to put minds at rest if you DO pay directly into the bank account we do not get your bank details, just the name you use when you pay money in.

Unfortunately we can only count money that is in the MHF charity bank account on our totals, trying to add funds paid to other accounts could lead to misunderstandings by people when the cheques are written out and sent in at the end of each year. For example the total might read £1,500 but the cheque might only be written for the amount of £1,300 people might wonder where the other £200 has gone if you see what I mean?????

Well done on your fund raising so far. Hope its the start of a bumper year.

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