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HappyHiker 10-07-2019 20:32

confused on prices ? (Newbie)
I'm thinking of swapping our caravan for a PVC. The kids dont want to come along any more and we fancy touring places with narrow roads(I always hated towing).

I fancy a PVC, and I thought they'd be cheaper than a motor home, but no pretty much 50k. Really !
You can buy a new van for 20k, a small caravan with all the habitation bits in is 15k, so shouldn't a brand new van with habitation be about 35k?

So I've been reading various #vanlife blogs featuring pretty young 18 girls who have converted a van by them selves in a few weeks, for like $4000, and they all look amazing (the vans that is) . And then i look at how to video's and errm well I think its beyond me, I can lay a laminate floor but that's about it. ( There's no way the various gorgeous people have converted their vans, they'd break a nail. I do not believe it).

So I looked at converted vans like maybe a Devon Aztec, but even thats 38k, on a 2nd hand van.

I guess my question is, how do I get a cool looking van like everyone on the internet has for sensible money ?
If I bought a van and paid for it to be converted, I maybe could get a van for 10,000 and convert for 17,000 ? But is that really cheaper than buy a factory made one. Why are they so expensive ?

Is my best bet to just trawl ebay ?

The #vanlife blogs all have pine clad PVCs but I cant see any firm that will do that. Is that cheaper ? I'd have thought not.

My budget is maybe 20k, maybe 25K at a push. Whose got 50K to blow on a van ? - Lots of people I guess.
Am I missing something?

tugboat 10-07-2019 21:08

I am always amazed at the price of PVCs. Why anyone would pay such prices for so little space, I don't know. Apart from being able to get down narrower roads I fail to see the attaction.

I'm quite happy in my mid-sized C-class with lots of payload for my gin stocks and room to move about inside in comfort.

And having a PVC in earshot is a bloomin' nuisance, all that side door slamming every few minutes.

barryd 10-07-2019 21:57

Get an older van. I can get down narrow lanes in my ancient Kontiki which is six berth and over seven metres, I just dont care about scratching it. :D

Actually I do really but ive not come across many roads I wouldnt take it down here and in Europe.

Mrplodd 11-07-2019 21:35

PVCs are always more expensive than coachbuilts and, like you, I simply cannot see why.

The difference in width really makes very little difference when on the road. The issue is inside your head.


jiwawa 11-07-2019 23:00

Why did you particularly like the thought of a PVC? If it was because you thought they'd be cheaper n you've now discovered, like the rest of us, that they're ridiculously expensive for what you get - would you now consider going for an older fully-fledged MH? There would be more choice out there.

peribro 11-07-2019 23:18

If narrow roads is a major concern then there are several coachbuilt models which are narrower than the usual coachbuilts and only a little wider than PVC's. I suspect that you will get more for your money with those sort of vans compared to PVC's.

HurricaneSmith 12-07-2019 00:34

You've asked a reasonable question.and possibly not waited for answers.

For myself I've towed a caravan around the UK and small amounts of Europe and it was fine.

I've driven a coachbuilt around the UK and a reasonably larger part of Europe, occasionally taking it to places I really shouldn't have driven because of it's size.

I now drive a PVC and feel more comfortable driving it than anything ever before. I can park it pretty much anywhere without forward planning, take it down single track roads with little concern, and it feels like I'm driving a car again.

Yes, it cost a few bob, but for me it's worth every penny.

HappyHiker 12-07-2019 10:10

Thanks for the replies. The idea of the PVC was for ease of driving and parking. I would consider a Small MH if there was no difference.
The caravan is good for holidays but I don't like towing and I'm nervous about b roads and turning in small places and basically everything has to be planned and its not spontaneous. So if we get a PVC/MH it has to be easy to just get in and go. I don't want to have to worry about going down a narrow lane. I don't worry about it in my car.
The first places we'd go in a PVC/MH are the NC500, Cornwall and Italy. Basically all the places we've be too scarred to take the caravan. But after that it might just be we potter about French campsites so I do want it for both. But initially ease of driving is the point.

Having said that after reading these posts I did check out Autotrader and they have a better choice of PVC's than ebay at lots of different price ranges.
Warwick Duo for 22k for instance. Are their any compact MH as easy to drive as that ?

why is 6m the magic number in length ? Its too big for a parking space anyway, why is that the size that's so popular?

HurricaneSmith 12-07-2019 11:41

6m is the major number because channel crossings use it for a price increase. Mine is 6.33m and so I pay more.

The weakness of a PVC is usually the toilet/shower suite as they are usually small, and the central aisle may be narrow. We are both slim-ish and are fine. If owners are of more generous proportions, then they probably would struggle.

HappyHiker 12-07-2019 13:47

Really - Is that it ? Ferry prices.How often do people go on a ferry ? I mean if you do a daily commute to IoW, fine. But other than than I'd rather have a longer van and stump up a few quid twice a year.

Shower I'm not bothered about, we always use campsite showers. I suppose in the case of an emergency its good to have one.

More room is always better. So is a small MH(about 6m) as easy to park as a 6m Van ? ( or a 6.4 m ). There does seem to be a drift of people to PVC in other posts. But its obviously not for the money.

Sorry this is turning into a should I get a MH or PVC conversation, it was meant to be a why are PVC so expensive and how do I get a cheap one.

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