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Am liking what I am reading. In Ireland naturism is quite an unlikely pastime as we usually need extra wool blankets at the beach, goose pimples, frostbite and and deathly blue pallor are not great attributes on the naked body.

Maybe next year in France we will consider it. Sounds like a lot of fun!

I have to admit that I had an experience in France that was strange for me. While walking along the beach in Oleron, we passed a guy lying on his tummy, naked. He was a very large guy with a bum the shape of a big washing up bowl, the only way I could describe. He sat up and I caught his eye for a minute as we walked by.

A couple of hours later as we were walking past a cafe, he was sitting there with some friends. I couldn't get the picture of his bum out of my mind, and felt so weird, don't know why! Not a prude at all.

Glad that there is a section here about naturism, bet the continentals would think it was funny though.

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