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Originally Posted by moblee
Thanks chaps

I've supported United for 34 years now through the good & the Bad times.

There Does come a time though when watching dross really starts to p*ss you off
Please, listen to yer Uncle jimmy. Firstly, 98% of football fans are watching dross (that's a fact...just invented by me ) so you aren't alone there. Secondly, I personally (other than to give a fellow member of the forum some support) don't care whether you are watching dross or eating caviar, the point remains that CU are in your blood & there is chuff all you can do about it. Go on then, miss half a dozen games, but don't come crying to me when you are watching repeats of Homes Under The Hammer or the latest goings on in a 'typical' street in Manchester. Then you really will have something to be p***ed off about!!
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