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Originally Posted by greenasthegrass
Ours sleep in the cab area behind the swivel seats
Same as ours then.

Originally Posted by greenasthegrass
PS your heading made me laugh!
it took me several looks to see what you were talking about Now fixed

Loddy - not an option

Neil (1) - not an option

Neil (2) - believe it or not, I did think of that, but there's something about spending over 40k on a motorhome, chucking the table out and adding bits in But despite that, and strangely, it's an option The problem is that they've got the rear bathroom (which I really want), but they've squeezed everything else forward to make it fit in the same body length, I think. The Euro lounge area is smaller, and the kitchen area is smaller with the bed just behind it. If only I could have our van, and then add 2 feet to the back for the bathroom, I'd be (reasonably) happy.


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